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Robert Rudigier

Robert Rudigier

Robert Rudigier was born in Meerbusch next to Düsseldorf. He spent his school life in Dinslaken at the Lower Rhine where he completed his high school diploma.
He decided to go to Schwerte to study graphic design. Following his successful diploma in graphic design under Prof. Will Sensen, Rudigier worked for different advertising agencies for about 15 years, amongst other in Berlin from 1997-2002. Only in 2010 he started studying again and following a successful entrance examination he enrolled for art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He studied in the classes of Prof. J. M. Bustamante and Prof. Günther Förg, as well as a short while under Matthias Dornfeld, who took over the Günther Förg class after his death. In 2015, after nine semesters, he successfully completed his studies as“-Meisterschüler“

His pictorial work deals with his spheres of life: Conscious and subconscious thoughts are projected and assessed. The environment is filtered, reflected upon and subsequently reestablished as a kind of echo. Often graphic shapes are used, which are counteracted by the basic approach of the painter. All of his work possesses a high degree of maturity and portrays Rudigier’s particular sensitivity in creating art.

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90 x 73 cm
Acrylic, lacquer, adhesive tape on canvas