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Konzert Alex Haas & Anna Rehker

Konzert Alex Haas & Anna Rehker

Friday, March 22 19 | 20h
Cello | double bass

Alex Haas is not only a virtuoso contrabassist (among others, probably one of the few bassists who play the "Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the double bass") and even string lovers, but also writes music. A lot of music. And the lyrics too. For choirs, plays, films, string quartet, various colleagues and for yourself. Rock, classical music, jazz, beat, romance, "vocal and total". Everything good, acclaimed and award-winning. You can experience him u.a. in the duo "Unsere Lieblinge", in bands "Hochzeitskapelle", "Konnexion Balkon", "Alpenklezmer", with musicians like Jenny Evans, Ecco Meineke, Andy Lutter, Heinrich Haas and many others.

Anna Rehker plays the most beautiful instrument in the world - the cello. She has too much fire in her ass to submit to the conductor in an orchestra. That's why she raves as a freelance cellist and arranger with various groups. And because passion is not only found in classical music, it also enjoys jazz, musicals, tangos and even heavy metal. She founded the ensemble "Espresso Espressivo" as well as jazz band "ChopEspresso", plays among others. with Eddy Miller, Jenny Evans, the Bavarian Philharmonic, Dom Orchester, Freie Landestheater Bayern and helps out with many other bands and orchestras.
The two musicians met in the band of Jenny Evans know and found that they are musically real soul mate. This resulted in a joint program. They inspire each other and discover new facets in the works of the old masters as well as in the well-known songs.