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We are happy to be in our rooms at Kirchenstrasse 23 for over 5 years
to present special positions in contemporary art in Munich-Haidhausen.
Starting in February 2014 we - Angelika Donhärl and Gottfried Düren -
work together on an exhibition program, that includes both young and artistic positions
from Munich , but also looks more and more beyond that.
In addition, our gallery is an open event space for contemporary music, mainly in the experimental area, readings and performances.
We consider the networking of the various branches of art to be important to us and
our event audience confirmes this again and again. Quite a few artists are interdisciplinary, as the American artist and musician Elliott Sharp, exhibited in summer 2018, demonstrated very convincingly!

Behind the gallery name arToxin stands the word synthesis from art and toxin, i.e. art and poison. The poison is allowed to have an effect in terms of risks and side effects, irritation, sensory stimulation, critical discussion and defense up to crushing and falling in love.
Be it as an antidote to "mainstream" and arbitrariness or as a productive irritation -
the stimulating effect is what counts!

Visit us in the gallery in Kirchenstr. 23 near the Max Weber
Platz in Munich-Haidhausen or follow our activities on our website,
on Facebook
or on Instagram

Above: Sebi Tramontana and Luca Tilli, 2017
Middle: Jost Hecker and Udo Schindler, 2016
Below: Thomas Stempkowski, 2019