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Opening: Friday, 3 February 2017, 19h
Introduction: Mrs. Anna Wondrak M.A.
Exhibition: 4 February to 18 March 2017

Sybille Rath und Alix Stadtbäumer
large format drawing, painting and sculpture

Schlaraffenland / Cockaigne or in the art lies the pleasure
Fried birds with cupcakes fly into the throat. Milk, honey or wine flow in the river beds of the Schlaraffenland. All animals bounce and fly already pre-cooked and ready to eat through the air. The houses consist of cakes. Instead of stones, cheese is lying around. Enjoyment is the greatest virtue of the inhabitants of the kingdom of Schlaraffenland, hard work and diligence are regarded as sin.
It is, however, also the motive of abundance and ardor. In the middle of the bourgeoisie the motive for the enforcement of the bourgeois service principle (nobility through virtue and achievement) is against the alleged decadence of the birthplace.
The image of Schlaraffenland in the focus of attention is the focus, since the times of gluttony and the ever-increasing consumption on the one hand and the strongly growing growth of poverty of different ethnicities and people on the other hand are not only current today, but an ever-smoldering theme.
Excerpt from the artists' statement of Sybille Rath, 2016

Abb: Sybille Rath, Gegenwelt No.2/Detail,
180x150cm, Tempera / oil on theatercarton