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Opening : 08.09. 18-21 Uhr
Exhibition til 14.10.

modul_aero is Ivo Ricks and Nicola Arthen's first joint exhibition.
They transform their idea of ​​an experimental installation in which moving air is understood as a connecting element between the sculptures exhibited.

Ivo Ricks Modularbeiten address the question of artistic production in the age of digital-technical-normalized reproduction:
They mimic industrial manufacture by manual production, or explicitly use techniques such as 3D printing, which are considered non-artistic and which produce only by chance or disturbance differences. Ivo Rick's work is concerned with these variations of a form, whether they are a technical coincidence or the intentional execution of a form specification in different sizes, colors, media and genres - the making of "standard parts" without a standard ... (Prof. Muhle)

Nicola Arthen deals with technological progress in his installations and exhibition projects. As a result of spatial experiences, he creates sculptures, filmed choreographies of working bodies, sound installations for the car, or artificial temperatures, in order to examine how increasingly automated and serially produced things and architectures move physically and emotionally, like routines, longings and public space.

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