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Verschobene Fragmente

works on canvas,
objects covered with leather

Opening: 8.9.23, 6-9 pm
Introduction around 7pm
Exhibition runs 8.9.23 - 14.10.23

The Berlin artist Sati Zech exhibits for the second time during OPEN art at the arToxin gallery. In her current exhibition she shows parts of the project "when do you feel a stranger? - When do you feel a stranger?" from 2020-23, which was created during the time marked by Corona Lockdowns and isolation. Feelings of strangeness towards yourself, your own body, the surrounding landscape and your own thoughts are part of your artistic research. From the beginning of her artistic work, the body has been an essential theme in Sati Zech's works. Bodies, mountains, toys, songs are forcibly taken apart and put together in a new, strange way. The theme of feeling foreign is also reflected in the title of her new works: "The great tremor", 2020/21, oil on canvas ( image ).
"The brain no longer remembers where the hip sits - My brain can't find the hip anymore", plaster, leather, 2021/23.
Sati Zech studied sculpture with Professor Lothar Fischer at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally in galleries, fairs and museums. This year 2023 she received 2 scholarships, a working scholarship of the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and a 1-month scholarship abroad for Mexico City.