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Poetic Machines

Poetic Machines

Bojana Petković, Felix Fisgus &
Noriyuki Suzuki

Entry into the gallery is permitted by appointment!
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Exhibition until May 22, 2021

The exhibition poetic machines shows works by the 3 artists Bojana Petković, Noriyuki Suzuki and Felix Fisgus. With their kinetic sculptures, sound and video installations, they open up three different perspectives on a world of apparatus and machines.
With her work, Bojana Petković questions the relationship between technology and nature and is particularly interested in our acoustic environment. She uses electronic and mechanical approaches to simulate and recreate organic processes and thus create unique soundscapes and compositions of non-existent places.
Felix Fisgus has a playful approach to technology and works with digital imaging techniques to represent reality in an extremely quantized way and create low-resolution audio-visual experiences. His current research area is the synthesis of sound compositions and generative animations from pixel patterns.
Noriyuki Suzuki focuses on something that society takes for granted or things that are too much part of our daily lives to be noticed. And by changing their perspectives or their arrangement with digital devices, he tries to make the hidden structure visible.
Although these are very different approaches to the vast, technological present, they all have something in common: Each of the devices tells a story by reassembling complex invisible and unheard realities through the use and misuse of technology. They open up new spaces for thoughts and experiences.

above: Bojana Petković, Swamp Orchestra, 2015
middle: Felix Fisgus, punkfratz, 2019
below: Noriyuki Suzuki, *(asterisk), 2019